Thursday, August 17, 2006

Of Dirt and Monkey toes.....

*My foot*

Morton's Toe is a common forefoot disorder where the second toe is longer than the Big Toe (the Hallux).


Yep, that is my foot, dirty yes, heck I was raking up leaves, and pine needles. I think most of you will be able tell by looking a the ground, it is certainly dry here. 100 degree temps for almost 2 months can do that. Ick.

The project is getting done slowly.

However, I will note here, I am in need of a pedicure. So, after "The Collective" go down to dream tonight, looks like I have an evening ahead of me.

Morton's Toe?

I just though I had monkey toes....

UPDATE: Someone else toe-blogging, perhaps a coat of polish is in order. However, I am glad to know I am not the only one with Morton's toe...

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Anonymous said...

Must be a sign of intelligence. I have Morton's Toes as well.