Thursday, August 03, 2006

Who said you can't teach a middle aged dog a new trick?

I learned a few lessons today.

1) Always have bacon at the house.

I bought some beautiful arkansas tomatoes this afternoon from the man down the road. I then thought about BLT's all day. I came home to find 0 bacon. That is just wrong.

(Instead we are having sliced tomotoes, bbq pork sandwiches, coleslaw, and creamed cucumbers)

2) I can repair a noisy toilet!!

Yeah, not a big deal. But I did it. I also must tell all of my female readers who shy away from fix-it projects, this is easy!! Please try it, use the money you saved on calling a plumber to treat yourself!!

3) When it is 104 degrees out McPetrieDishofilthplayland will be packed.

I will not go into details, but they should have passed out xanax to some of the Moms, and Dads at the door.

4) Puffy princess stickers will keep Pink Ninja busy for 30 minutes.

She is creating a card for her cousins second birthday. She is doing a fantastic job!!

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Anonymous said...

Very funny. Yaa... I am happy we have a swingset now. Much nicer... though we have had a couple of accidents. So far nothing that has taken us to the emergency room. I'm hoping that will be when they get older and they'll understand when I say "Told you so".