Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dial Up Yours...

I am sitting here this morning, sipping on a cup of piping hot, not so great hotel room coffee. Looking in the mirror at my crack head hairdo, and bloodshot eyes. DH, had to work on his presentation last night.... late. So we were up sort of late. Dash, per his us normal, "gotta make the donuts" schedule was up early. Before the crack of dawn.

We are currently debating on breakfast institutions. I think I am all about the walk this morning. Then a game of mini golf is in order, and swimming. If they tire of that, but are still awake I might break down and take them to the movies.

It is hotter than hell here, in fact the temperature read 95 degrees

Well, I met only a handful of DH's coworkers yesterday. Two expectant Fathers, watching me looking very oppossum like me treading water with the collective hanging on my neck, were frightened away by the prospect of it. One unfriendly wife, who sat with her feet in the water. A couple of other people in passing. The collective require too much attention for me to socialize pool side. Both also sink like rocks.

So I am a bit relieved.

The drive was nice, sometimes being trapped in a car with DH is good. We had a chance to catch up, I got to learn where he has been traveling.

OK, here is hoping I have a chance to check in later. There is fussing going on, real coffee is in order, and "The Collective" appear to have drank a pot of the real stuff hours ago.

Pancakes, and bacon made by another party are in order.

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