Friday, August 22, 2008

A padded room?


so tonight, whilst I am on the phone, my son who has permission to use my Macbook (only because I do not have the PC hooked up, picked it up...tripped over a basket(Pink ninja left lying in the middle of the floor), and dropped it...

something is all wonky with the hinges now.

I have an extended warranty on the thing...but really, I am unsure if it covers this sort of thing...


I mean it was unintentional, but really.

Can't they leave a few of my possessions alone. After all they had my uterus.

I have a couple of strange rules here at the house. (Which I have not come up with a name for by the way) I have a standing rule, that is no children in my room. I just do not like the only 13 feet I have left in the universe, invaded and sticky etc...I want the bed to look made, and no toys. I want a room that looks like a hotel room. It is selfish, but it has been that way since I stopped nursing them. I prefer them in their own rooms.

Oh they make their way in here, I promise, I will catch one or the other jumping on the bed, or wrestling in it...

It drives me loony toons.

Hotel room means nice linens, no cleaning, a mint under your pillow and room service. It may sound weird, but I needed a restful place like that.

I actually love my bedroom, the bedding, the furniture. It is by far the loveliest room in the house. Well except for this crappy paint right now.

However, upon moving in, my DH announces that he hates the bedroom linens.

Really, he said that.

They are gorgeous. They are mink colored imported Italian 1,800 thread count linens. Just the Duvet, and the 2 pillow shams, all else is cream colored. What is to hate about that? Seriously.

So I have been on the search for non brown bedding.

Part of me thinks I should just buy something really fluffy, and floral, not me and make DH think, "I guess the brown was not so bad after all."

But I have been consulting him.

I have found one option i am willing to change for, because i was that in love with the current state of things...

For Gods sake I even had lamps that went with, curtains and everything.

And now they violated the macbook...


Can a woman get some peace?

There is a room in the basement, that no one wants right now. It is an empty 4 by 10 unfinished room. A cement floor, and walls. I am seriously considering moving, the brown bedding in there, padding the walls, and taking the computer in with me. Maybe I can pad the walls, move in a small bed, my computer, and a teeny fridge full of food I do not like to share. Like chocolate, coconut ice cream, cashews and the like.

No one would ever suspect me hiding in there.

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Amy said...

I know how you feel about the whole bedroom issue. My bedroom is MINE and it's off limits to kids. My husband has a hard time understanding this at times but after falling on a toy one night he now sees it MY way!