Sunday, August 17, 2008

Groundhog Day...

sometimes you wake, and it seems you are living the same life ALL OVER AGAIN....

My Father and I are painting!


Yes, the weight loss plan is in full swing.

We are painting the kitchen and dining, and living all the same. It is an open room. The paint color changes as all do, depending on the light or wall.

SR rode his bike a mile and a half today. the kid loathes the stupid seat on the bike. Don't blame him, it is an odd seat. PN, is off like a flash riding everywhere.

I heard the woman right across has a daycare! That might be something to think about.

Dad and I are painting. AGAIN.

Got the blue, and orage primed today, and first coat on 75%, second coat on part of that...

Tomorrow should be quicker!

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Anonymous said...

You're both hired. Come on down and paint for me! Hope all is going well.