Monday, March 20, 2006

Update on my Pa

Ok, so I called my Father's girlfriend's cell phone this morning. Thankfully, they were in my Father's cardiologist's office. "Waiting" for the cardiologist, getting vitals taken, lab drawn, another EKG.

I guess he had a long night, slept in the recliner. Pain in left chest, radiating to his arm and jaw all night, classic signs and symptoms. I am sick, and only imagine he is sicker.

I have no idea why they did not go to the ER. None, nor did I feel up to a lecture this morning, about how Drs. are human, and just because you are polite Midwestern type and do not like to make waves and cause a fuss, does not mean an early death is the only option.

So now with the snowstorm, the roads are bad, his condition my guess has worsened. A trip to Omaha unless by ambulance is probably not an option. I would be able to tell what is going on with him by his color. My Dad turns ashey and a bit sallow in tone when he is ill. His normally olive toned pretty skin making him look fish out of water.

I have seen this before. The first time 1988, I was a freshman at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, studying political science. I can remember "Club MTV" had come to campus to film a show. I was dancing alongside Downtown Julie Brown, when I see my dorm mate crossing the dance floor in slow motion. I remember her words "your Dad had a heart attack" sobering me up , and heading back to my small room. A call from my Sister confirming my Father had a mycardial infarction at the house, the ambulance had come and found my father without pulse or breath on the floor of my parents ranch house , and they coded my Father and he was on a helicopter being lifeflighted to a cardioligist in Omaha.

He was 47.

It has happened since then too.

A triple bypass, 2 stints, and a 1 failed angioplasty.

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