Sunday, March 05, 2006

My One Year Adventure In Blogging

ArmyWifeToddlerMom will be 1 as of March 7th. That means my Dear Husband has been home for a year. The time has flown. A lot to think about this week, a lot of inventory to take. I still have not asked many questions about his 18 months in Iraq, he has not offered much. My blog has not followed my original intent. I seriously thought my blog would contain more introspective content, about being reunited, and what that is like. I have offered some bits and pieces, but "IT" is so big. War is big, duty to ones country is big, love is big, being a Daddy is big, and being a wife is big. I have found myself at a loss of appropriate words to express my feelings most of the time. The story of my life, and what happens sometimes can not be put into words.

I know I am lucky he is home and healthy, my children are beautiful, and healthy. I know I am blessed.

There are so many moments to share, and they are fleeting. The moments go so fast that I cannot catch them with words. Dear Husbands arrival home after work, when the children hear the garage door, and run to meet Daddy with hugs. When Pink Ninja is mad at me for telling her "no", and goes to her Dad to cry. Watching Dear Husband in the back yard, playing with them and hearing giggles.

I guess this "milestone" could not have arrived at a better time, it is Spring here. My phlox, daffodils, and hycyinths are in bloom. Dash and I took a walk round the house this evening, and found a dandelion in full bloom. Dash, thought it was another beautiful flower and I saw it as a pest needing to be pulled out of the ground roots and all.

So Spring is here.

Time to pull some weeds, or leave them alone..

Here is my first post

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