Sunday, March 12, 2006

Drunken Wisdom, sober driving.

Company at Casa De Dust Thursday. THAT ONE GUY, graced us with his presence, on his way cross country. The good news is, he showed up sans bloody nose, which meant NO fight club. The bad news, well we were a drive thru visit. A lunch and a chat, and damn he had to hit the road. So That One Guy, AWTM, Pink Ninja, and Dash load up into "the truwk" and hit the road. I talked him into a trip cross the river over to Whole Hog, for a platter o meat at The Whole Hog Cafe....delicious!

Back at Casa De Dust, I let That One Guy check his mail, his blog for a moment. "The Collective" managed to "show out: while he was here. Dash, showing his "hey watch this" skills, and Pink Ninja adopting him as an Uncle.

Dear Husband, even managed to make it home from work earlier than normal. So, Dear Husband got to meet his first blogger. Impressions were favorable. They both have bikes, and talked "roads to ride".

So I hope he felt welcome here, and stops thru again.

Here is the deal, if I can "not mop" before you show up, and eat BBQ with my hands in front of ya, you are good people in my book.

Next time bring the bike!

I will leave the light on!

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