Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mystery of "who tracked dirt in?" solved.

My life here at Casa De Dust is always interesting. I get to play "Emma Peel" more than most of you may imagine.

There is always a mystery that requires solving around here. Whether it be a case of a missing sock, toy, money or sanity. I am always on the cusp of averting some sort of danger, or disaster.

So, I need to keep reminding myself that dometsticity is much "sexier", than I really give it credit for.

This morning was no different, when I walked in the house, and saw mud tracked in.... I started fuming. Heat rising to my head, a flush setting over my face. And with a furrowed brow I scanned the room, getting ready to nab the criminal. I looked down at the tile floor, and follow the tracks, only to note.....

I was the one at fault.

However, I bet I am the only woman in the burbs mopping to Rick James this morning.

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