Monday, March 27, 2006

Herd'in cats.

Sunday, marked the first t-ball practice for Dash. First of all, I need to say Pink Ninja REALLY WANTED on the field, but she is 2, and not allowed. Hence, I did not catch most of the "action packed" practice. She was MAD!!

I also feel it is imperative that I add here. Coaching 4 year old t-ball........Requires the patience of a cat herder. Really.

I have been working a little with both of the children on basic fundamental skills. Throwing, catching, swinging the bat, not hitting one another with the bat, don't swing the bat near a human, do not walk in front of a swinging bat. Evolutionary tools, they are without. (Oh, and if we manage to make it through the summer without a bat to the head....I will be amazed.) Anyway, I really have been trying hard to just simply familiarize them with basic skills, it has been a Herculean task. A 2 and 4 year old sometimes offer sooooo much enthusiasm that it can be hard to direct them.

Sunday, we get to the ballpark and there is one coach. One coach, for nine boys all the age of four. "The Dads" all ended up on the field trying to herd boys into the right direction. "The Dads", probably getting more exercise than the boys. One kid would hit the ball, and 5 boys would run after the ball while the other 3 sat in the grass, watching the clouds.

Dash walked off of the field one time, came over to the bleachers for a drink. I do not think he gets it yet. I do not think he understands we will be doing this every week. He has not really talked about it much. He does remember his coaches name, and talked about running the bases. That is it. This week he has been interested in energy resources, and turbines, and generators.

I did not mention anything to the coach about my "Dash". I am gonna let the two of them figure each other out. Which really took a lot of courage for me to do. I am having to step back and just watch. Besides, the guy really had his hands full. Coaching 9 boys and about 12 parents, is a bit like herdin' cats.

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