Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Never trust a lady with clown pictures on the wall with your money.

When I began this blog, I really wanted it to be a place I
could come and vent my frustrations. Then I decided against
it, because most of the time people are my frustration. It is
not nice to talk about others.
However this week, has really made me think about beginning a
new segment called "people in Arkansas that impede progress".
The list could go on for days I PROMISE.
yesterday, I had a couple of errands to run, and had some
questions re: State taxes. So I stopped into the "State of
Arkansas Revenue" office.
So I sit down, and find an entire office, decorated strangely.
I mean just plain old weird. TONS of personal pictures, no
not just 5-10, like 100 photos of family on walls, on shelves,
EVERYWHERE, little "When God made grandma's", "Mom means love"
plaques, all over. The kicker here is, then this lady had
these weird crying clown pictures all over the place. I
haven't seen one of these since probably 1975 in a Wolworths
or in someone's home. (I swear I recall seeing these awful
things mounted on a "friend of the family" wall as a child)
Anyway the things are creepy, no way around it.

Anyway, so I am sitting in this weird office, waiting my turn
with the nice lady. I mean she has gotta be nice, she is
sitting here in her "home-office". The only thing missing, is
a crocheted afghan thrown over a chair.
I wait my turn, and am listening to the conversation between
"good ole Grandma" and another client. I am sensing that
Grandma, just doesn't get the questions. She is not answering
the ladies questions at all. Grandma is rude.
My turn, I ask my questions about the taxes. I get the "YOU
Evil Grandma That Likes Clowns Lady: "This is the State
Revenue Department, we don't take payments, we only assess.
We have nothing to do with taxes." SIGH-EYEROLL....
She was just rude, plain and simple. I wanted to tell her
that I thought her office was ridiculous. I really did, I
also wanted to tell her that she was rude, and that contrary
to what the State of Arkansas thinks "if you set an office up
to assess taxes, you ought to be able to pay them in the same
We left, and as I am loading the kids up in the truck I see
Grandma waddle out to her bench to enjoy a smoke and her
gallon glass of ice tea.
Getting things done down here is the shits.
Oh and for the record, I would never choose to do financial dealings in an office with CLOWN pictures on the wall.

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