Saturday, March 25, 2006

Daddy DeathWatch 2006

I just might get fucking t-shirts made up really. So without do, I am here to catch you up on my Fathers latest hijinx. For those of you that have missed parts 1-3 or whatever.... I really should throw the links in here.

Still naughty

More worry

Initial worry
The best part of Daddy Deathwatch , besides the fact that really it is funny at the expense of my Dad. (However I promise, it is not missed on him.) Honestly the best part of this whole mess....I am not embellishing it, I am not overdramatizing a bit of it. Which is why it is so fucking funny at this point.

So I have been calling my Dad at least once a day, for the last 4 years (since my Mom passed). So since the entire "angina thingy" I have been calling at least 2 times a day, unless I am so frustrated I am too busy pulling out my hair, in which case Dear Husband gets the dirty job.

Any-who, so I call his house about 4 times today, no answer....which makes me a little nervous. Only because, unanswered phones on ocassion have led to the discovery of a dead body of a family member a time or two or three. maybe 4?

I finally call his girlfriends cellphone, and hear they are "painting" the rental house my father owns. Fucking painting the entire inside of the rental, ceilings included. They are also moving refridgerators, and stoves, scrubbing floors, installing medicine cabinets and the like. Fucking A.

I hope he did not spend all of my inheritance on paint, because he is sure to die soon.

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