Monday, March 13, 2006

Review of THE UNIT

Ok, Hook says: "I’ve watched the second of three episodes of CBS’s new series, The Unit, which premiers tomorrow night at 2100 hours Eastern Time (9:00 pm zoomies) 0400 zulu. This is going to be an outstanding show filled with action and emotion both from the soldiers and their families."

Blackfive says: "Scott Foley of "Felicity" has a key role as the new guy, fresh out of the Delta training pipeline. I saw exactly one episode of "Felicity" and pretty much thought of any character played by Foley as lame...that is until he stalked and stabbed his first terrorist in the neck. Very nice."

Mr. Blackfive, I mean really Felicity, you sat through an entire episode of Felicity? And we are supposed to take you seriously?

I missed the damn show. So who knows.

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