Saturday, March 25, 2006

I hope I fold

OK, the last post seemed a little harsh. Dear Husband read it, and said, "I do not think you have ever used that many "F" words in one post, you are really mad aren't you?".

The answer is yes.

However amidst all of the anger, I read this in the comments.

"Army Wife,
I feel your pain. My Dad is 88, heart condition, blind, deaf, and loves to argue. Oh, and a total maniac. Go to my blog and click on the Family category and read some of his escapades.
I finally quit worrying and bought a digital camera. He's great material for the blog."

Anyway, I have just recently been introduced to his blog by That One Guy. Any, after reading that comment I had to go over. "Back Home Again".

I, go over and see a photo of Jerry's stubborn 88 year old Dad burning freaking shit.

So Jerry, if you are reading this , you sooo win, I think I am gonna fold, you are the winner in the "Daddy Deathwatch" poker.

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