Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Now that was a party....

Ok, so my blog sister, Boudicca --- oh I mean my Aunt. Damn blog family tree. Anyway she has posted 2 blog entries this week regarding parties she has attended. 2 parties. Yes, Mrs. I am a chip clip in my hair wearing "Mom". 2 parties. One in which go-go dancers made an appearance. The other party is full of very "enhanced" busty ladies. OK, what gives Bou? I mean between the scouts, t-ball, working, packing lunches and job? OK. I am jealous. REALLY. If my husband read your blog regularly, he would become fast friends with you. Seriously. Go-Go dancers at a party?

Geesh, the last party I went to, was a "Southern Living" party down the block. We passed around stoneware, and oooo'd and awwww'd over stemware. I wore a sweater set and my pearls. There was no one dancing, shaking of junk, no enhanced boobs. Heck not a drop of wine to be seen. I even ordered a plate rack for Gods sake.

So what gives Bou? Please I seriously would like to attend "one of these" wing-dings. What does a gal in the burbs gotta do these days? Oh and if I can't come, at least extend Dear Husband an invitation.

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