Monday, March 20, 2006

Position of the Week #15

Ok, so I am going to yoga, yolattes, and pilates now.

Tonight was yolattes, not so bad. I like the instructor. She is hard, without being nutz about killing me.

However this pose, called "BOAT POSE", in both yoga and pilates.

Boat pose hurts when I do it in yoga, and it is a simple pose in yoga. In Pilates, and yolattes they like to throw sequential things your direction every 15 minutes. Like do "The hundred" (last weeks position if you missed it), and on every fifth count, come up to boat, and then go back to the hundred.

Ok, you try it do this darn boat pose.

The thought of lying in a sailboat used to help me meditate. I would lie and think about waves rocking me, sea air, wind, surf. However, it has been ruined by BOAT pose.

I should honestly have have abs of steel by now.

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