Friday, March 10, 2006


Well, it seems today is a pretty busy day in the blogosphere.

My Blog-Momma is celebrating her 2 year blog anniversary. She is also on the search for a new carrer!!! Say a prayer for her, and give her a lead if you know if anything. Tammi, is like the Momma of the blogosphere, she is the cooker, the caller, the checker upper. She is like the fuzziest of all fleece blankets.

Bou, who is my blog-sister is celebrating one year at mu-nu!! I have only met Bou once, but have read her enough to feel like I really know her. I do not know how she makes every day funny. She does she makes everyday at her home funny.

So ladies, I will raise my coffee cup to you this morning. Cheers, and here is to another year!

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