Monday, March 20, 2006

Paging Dr. 90210

I really do not watch TV these days. Other than Dora The Explorer, and Whatever other morning childrens programming "the collective can agree on.

However, I have been having to "share" the computer with Dear Husband. So, I have been getting more "face time" with the televsion. From the time Dear Husband gets home from work until "the collective" are in bed, there is no tv. So when my brother called the other day exploding with excitement about some "game show" Howie Mandel hosts, I was clueless. My Sister is a reality TV addict so half of the time I sit confused on the opposite end of the phone.

However, I have been catching this Dr. 90210 shows. Now personally I think Dr. 90210 is kind creepy, a certifiable pervert in some cases. Oh and I think he is kind of a wuss. I watched a vaginoplasty last episode. Yeah, you read right, a vaginal rejuvination surgery. The added bonus here, she was his receptionist. Now I will add here as a nurse, naked is just naked, but in Dr. 90210's case he was soooooo "overenthusiastic" and "overjoyed" about his receptionists vaginoplasty that even I was uncomfortable hearing him go on and on about how gorgeous her new "look" was.

I am left wondering this. Swimsuit season is round the corner. The pilates and the series of like 200 plus crucnches I am doing daily, is not helping my "look" or my attitude much. So I wonder if I write Dr. 90210 and request a tummy tuck, is it free if I agree to be filmed?

Because, although I think I may be embarrassed about "my tummy" being on TV, I mean after the vagina surgery no one would EVER remember me.

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