Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Packrat and her Bedfellows.

The Pink Ninja is still in her crib, and will remain so, until she seems ready for a toddler bed. I think she likes the safety of her crib, she never climbs out, although she is able. However, there is a small glitch. The interesting part of this? Well she used to take a baby or two to bed. Then she would sleep. Then she needed an extra doll or two. She began requesting other stuffed animals. So currently there are more "babies" and "animals", than can be found in some underdeveloped countries. I mean honestly, there is little room for Pink Ninja in her crib at night.

However, last week she started taking my rolling pin to bed with her. Yes, that is what I typed a rolling pin. A rolling pin. Last week, we used the rolling pin to make play doh cookies, and cakes. Now she insists she sleep with the damn thing. A rolling pin for Gods sake. She also doesn't just lay it in the crib beside her, she is snuggling up to it.

All of those sweet baby dolls, snuggly animals and she chooses a wooden rolling pin.

Perhaps it is something she picked up at "Ninja Training Camp", It could be a weapon, who knows.

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