Monday, March 20, 2006

My Dad is not dead yet

Ok, I feel it imperative to post this, a sort of "death watch" on my Dad, not only am I concerned and feel like calling him every 2 hours, now I fell like I am worrying all of you as well.

He was sent home by his cardiologist today, and let me say this, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck-"quack". Anyway the cardiologist sent him home with left neck, jaw, arm, and chest pain. This cardiologist is convinced my Father is suffering from a pinched nerve. The cardiologist also saw no need to enagage my Father in the stress test at this juncture. The Dr. Would like to wait 3 weeks. Yes 3 weeks. So if my Father is still alive in three weeks I guess he will be undergoing a stress test.

Ok, I tried every manipulation trick, every card in my deck that I thought would work. These include.

1. "I am a nurse"- route and variations thereof.
2. "You are the only parent I got left, you are it"- and variations thereof.
3. "Don't you want to see these Grandbabies?"- and variations thereof.
4. "Just because the Dr. tells you EXACTLY what you want to hear, does not mean it is the correct diagnosis"- and variations thereof.
5. "Drs. Are human, and we have SEEN MISTAKES MULTIPLE TIMES"- and variations thereof.
6. "You promised me you would not act like your folks and you are"- and variations thereof.

Finally I played the "Jesus Card" with him. My Father and I have this same sort of philosophy about life. So here goes the Family philosophy, my Father and I believe life is about lessons. If you do not get the lesson, guess what, the lesson is likely to present itself again, and again. My Father and I PRIDE ourselves on being quick learners. Once is usually enough for me, Dad too. Of course we have slipped a time or two, heck maybe even 15, but we always "get it" in the end...

So tonight, I said to my Father...

"Ya know Dad, Jesus is a busy guy with things to do, he does not have the time to keep giving you chest pain, he has got shit to do, starving babies to feed, diseases to cure. Just remember that your chest pain, is starting to become a pain in his ass."

I think he is feeling better because he got a fair chuckle out of it, heck he even made his girlfriend get on the phone, so I could share my words with her.....

So I am out of cards at this point, he is a stubborn man, lets just hope he does not die one.

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