Wednesday, March 15, 2006

20 Questions

BlogGrampy Harvey asks me the tough questions.

1) Two favorite colors.
~chocolate, and cream

2) Two least favorite colors.
~navy blue, and maroon

3) Favorite fast food restaurant.
~Godfathers pizza, and there is not one anywhere near here.

4) Favorite day of the week.
~depends if Dear Husband is stateside or not. If he is home I
LOVE the weekend, if he is gone I HATE the weekend.

5) Least favorite day of the week.
~see #4, oh and Mondays, Monday just do not work for me.

6) Best thing about your significant other.
~He is brilliant, and funny

~7)Least favorite thing about your significant other.
~he procrastinates, and is irritated with my "reminders".

8) Your significant other's favorite thing about you (without
asking them).
~I am a good Mom

9) Your significant other's least favorite thing about you
(again, without asking them).
~"reminding" him he has procrastinated.

10) Black or white?
~black of course.

11) Red or blue?
~red, I am from Nebraska ya know

12) Day or night?
~oh come on people, if you want to know just ask.

13) Favorite part of your body
~my forearms

14) Least favorite part about your body.
~my upperarms and my "tummy" it is a toss up

15) Do you like walking in the rain at times?
~only if I do not have to show up anywhere looking a mess.

16) Do you have a tattoo?

17) “Short and sweet” or “long and hard”.
~ha, you are trying to trick me aren't you?

18) Favorite kind of car.
~ One that is paid for.

19) Favorite kind of ice cream.
~home cranked ice cream, made with real cream, with little arms
churning saying "am I done yet, my arm is tired?"

20) Trix or Lucky Charms.
~trix, loathe marshmellows, and the creepy little Irish guy.

OK now the fun part tagging 3 people with this darn thing

Donnaville- who I adore

Smiling Dynamite-who gets out of these things all of the time, and who could totally beat me arm wrestling.

Silent Warrior- because you really need to go over and take a look at the awesome pictures he has found.

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