Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Peeing outside is for dogs and cats.

yesterday I spent the morning making travel plans for The Mil-blogging Conference. For some reason it took longer than normal, I did not use my usual airline due to cost etc. So anyway I was on the phone forever. My time spent on the phone did not sit well with "The Collective", so we went to the park for the rest of the afternoon.

The park, is great. They have walking and biking trails, lots of equipment. There is one problem right now. They are installing "new" restrooms, so the only place to go is a port o potty. ICK. Me inside a port a potty with 2 toddlers. A tight fit and gross.

So Dash announces the need to relieve himself, and I am walking him to the port o potty. I keep walking, and am holding Pink Ninja's hand. I turn around and note Dash standing by a puddle of mud peeing.

For Gods sake, Pink Ninja and I are standing horrified. I immediately scan the entire park, for a crowd. No one is at the park today. It had rained the night before, so all of the fair-weather Moms, and children are at home.

Thank GOD. It was actually horrifying. Then I had to have the discussion about hygiene, pee, public, private, grossness, appropriate places. The entire discussion was lost on him I think.

Dash then brings it to my attention that he sees "dogs peeing at the park" all of the time, he also brings up that "birds pooped on the truck", so why can't he go outside too?

"Because humans do not go outside. We are not animals."

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