Saturday, March 18, 2006


I really tried to start the weekend on a positive note. I really did. I rolled out of bed, and went to pilates. Not limber, stiff. It was a hard class for me today. Cold and wet out. Went to store, picked up a few things,home.

Still overcast, chilly, drizzling.

Took a fast bath, rounded up the young-uns and headed south to a rodeo. I love a good rodeo, and this was a high school rodeo, even better. However, cold out. Brrrr...... portable heaters made the event tolerable for this yankee turned soft. (Portable heaters!!) I did bring it up to Dear Husband that a few years ago in Nebraska I would have considered a 49 degree day, "a nice spring day". T-shirt weather even. Not any longer. I have gone soft folks. I will never be able to tolerate a "winter" again. So I swiped Dear Husbands coat, and kept the babies close for heat.

It has been a while since I have been to a rodeo. Even longer since I have been to a high school rodeo. We got to stay for most of the calf roping. A great event to watch. Dash enjoyed it particulary, although he was concerned about the calves. I did forget that rodeo, is such a singular sport. All attention is really on one person. That really is a lot of pressure, but boy when someone makes something look effortless they really are impressive.

The young women got to rope goats. The goats, not soooo happy. The goats were smaller than the calves, easier to handle but I think the feistiness made up for size. Noisy creatures goats. I forgot how noisy the damn things are, even though the neighbors had about 15 of the damn things and listened to them for a few years until the goats were replaced by llamas. One of those girls. tied a darn goat in I think about 8 seconds. She really was the most impressive of all. She made it look like she could do it all day. Wasn't worried about her hair, or if her shirt came untucked, she had her game face on, and was ready to play.

Dash, was the loudest, and the most enthusiastic cheerleader of the day. Almost announcing play by play the entire rodeo. "Here they come, and there goes a lasso, ohhhh and they misssed it AGAIN". "Sorry buckaroo!"

Pink Ninja is 2, so she was on the move. I gave chasing Pink Ninja duty to Dear Husband, since he thought rodeo was a good idea for her. She was on the move for the entire time.

Dear Husband did bring up that I might be a goodle calf roper, since I handle "the collective" day in and day out. I think he may be right, heck I don't even need the horse or the hat.

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