Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gray hairs and heart aches.

Seems like I ask for prayers a lot. My Dear Father, spent most of the afternoon in the E.R. for chest pain. He is a cardiac patient, so it is of much concern. Thank God his fiance is hyper-vigilant. (being a widow once before, and not wanting to do it any time soon.) MY Father is stubborn, but she managed to get him talked into the Dr. after about 12 hours of complaints.

E.R. Docs sent him home, no work for 3 days, into his Cardiologist on Monday for a stress test. I guess the cardiac enzymes were normal, and his EKG was not of concern.

MY advice to him, was keep still for 3 days, don't do much, stay put. Go to the E.R. if it happens again. I also don't think his 12 hour shifts are helping him much. He is almost 64, and although he thinks he is 44, his age and his losses are starting to wear on him.

He is the only parent I got left, and I would kind of like him around for a while. So at this point, I will just pray that it is not his time to go. Hope he listens to all of our advice, and makes it in to the Dr. on Monday.

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