Friday, March 03, 2006

Allergies, Schmallergies.....

If I have to pay a Doctor another dime this week, I will scream.

After a visit to the Pediatrician yesterday, "The Collective", have been diagnosed with seasonal allergies. Which means a healthy dose of zyrtec before bed every night. (This should be no surprise, we did this last year.)

Pink Ninja has turned into the kid with the forever running nose. I am chasing her with Kleenex about 50% of the day. She looks neglected, with this icky snot dripping down. It is hard to accept smoochy kisses, when snot accompanies them.

Dash, not so much the drippy nose, his voice sounds as if it is reverberation through his skull, he sneezes, and has dark circles under his eyes. Oh, and he napped yesterday. SURPRISE.

So along with the beauty of watching the Bradford Pear trees in blossom, looking like someone dipped the branches in popcorn, and the bright yellow forsythia blooming like the sun, comes tired and drippy kids.

Spring has arrived. Time for Spring cleaning, long days at the park, digging in the dirt, taking the kids fishing, and giving them a teaspoon of zyrtec before bed.

And Kleenex, lots of Kleenex. Not simply to wipe noses, but for Mom too, they are not babies this Spring.

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