Sunday, March 12, 2006

Everybody's working for the weekend~ (Terrible Loverboy reference)


First off let me say this.

"Secret" brand deodorant, is not strong enough for a man, and made for a woman." ICk.

With that said, I will let you know how the Casa De Dust managed yesterday. We spent the morning and part of the afternoon raking. Dear Husband did do most of it, but I hung on until lunch. So 38 bags of leaves later. ((Still have front and side lawn left) Ick, blech. Dear Husband also managed to power wash the grill for me. It is that time of year where almost all of the cooking will be done out of doors.

Spring? Huh, I think we had a week of it. Summer is here already. Muggy, humid, ick, already. Trying not to turn on the air conditioner. Ick sticky. 83 degrees, and HUMID. Blech. I did manage to make a plate of sandwiches, and a pitcher of lemonade yesterday. We had the first family picnic of the season. I also managed to wash bed linens in the afternoon. We celebrated all finished work with a dinner out, and the monthly "re-stocking" trip.

Today, Dear Husband is taking Dash fishing, to a little fishing hole down the way, I am taking Pink Ninja shoppping. YEAH. A girl and boy day. We are going summer clothes shopping for "the collective". I also must stop by Home Depot and get a case of air filters. I keep forgetting the damn things and am out.

There is a lot of work that remains, the garage is currently a mess, I have about 4,000 square feet of flowers beds that need weeding, azaleas that need fertilizing, a crape myrtle that requires trimming. 8 planters, that need fresh dirt, and some sort of low maintenance and bright arrangements.......

I guess nice weather means "work" around here....

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