Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Skipping a generation

Monday night Sir Rowland, who is 5 and in Kindergarten came home with his homework. There was a list of spelling words. All 3 letter words, easy. He know them and DH gave him his impromptu test. Bingo-done. He also had his Bible verse to memorize. Bingo-done. He then had a sheet of math problems.

First off, for the record. I loathe math. I have not always hated it. I was quite good at math in the beginning, and then I got lost....and have hated it since. I always conted that I have some sort of number dyslexia, trouble processing math. I can use math in a practical sense, like if solving a problem. It might take a while, but I can do it EVENTUALLY. I do not think it is fun, or exciting. I try not to say anything anti-math in the house, because I do not want to pass that phobia, or my dislike to my children. The other night on SpouseBuzz, I even mentioned that I hoped my DH was NEVER deployed during any sort of difficult math, because my poor children would suffer through my stupidity.

The good news...

My Son, LOVES math, he thinks it is fun. He will do math as we are going through the grocery store, he gets excited about math.

So Monday he comes home with a list of handwritten problems. I thought they looked so of overwhelming, considering his age, and the fact that he is in kindergarten. There were probably 20 of them. I just thought, there is no way in hell I am going to get him to sit down and do this because of the sheer number of problems.

DH sat with Sir Rowland. The problems varied.

3+ =7

10- =3

The child did all 20 problems in about 5 minutes consulting his fingers twice.

It was really amazing to me. He got them all right.

I think I have found someone that can do my taxes!!


Linda said...

Yay for Sir Rowland! Sounds like he's going to do great. My 1st grade DD has decided that she HATES reading, writing and math. (what's left, do tell????)

And for the record, there is a numeric's called dyscalculia. I suffer from it. It made my life hell as I actually enjoyed math too. I ended up in the business math track at school because it was a safer way to go. I also had issues all through my working life because I tended toward jobs that required the use of numbers a lot (customer service, accounting). You might well suffer from's not often diagnosed!

Anonymous said...

If you ever have questions or need to talk about dyscalculia, check out :)