Saturday, July 21, 2007

low country

I am beat after finishing the garage sale. Not physically tired. Mostly dead from sheer boredom.

Garage Sale= boredom.

Sir Rowland ended up doing well over $17.00 in lemonade and cookie sales. Whoda thunk?

Pink Ninja helped a bit, and I would guess drank more lemonade than she sold.

They liked having so many babies at the sale.

The Collective LOVE babies. LOVE them.

They want me to have 4 more, at least. I told them I was too old to have any more babies. Which I suppose is a lie. I could. But frankly I feel too old to go about the sleep deprivation, poopies, colic AGAIN, plus there is that trip to the urologist Daddy made, I did not want to explain.

Sissy, is enjoying the kids, they make her laugh all day. The simplest of things, crack her up. And for the love of Pete, I have some funny kids.

Sir Rowland told me about a month ago, when he gets older, he wants 8 kids, and a silver KIA. A KIA of all things. I asked him what in the heck he wanted a KIA, and he said, "have you SEEN the warrenty on those things?"

Tonight, we drove them to the little park down the road, and they sat on the Merry Go Round as I pushed them round and round, FAST as they requested. I cannot do round. I almost puked watching them. Sir Rowland, got off, laid in the grass and proclaimed he "needed a barf bag". He can't do round either.

Pink Ninja can climb a rock wall barefoot with a dress on, and if that is not Ninja like, I am unsure what sorts of Ninjas you hang out with.

It was a good day. We had church, pot luck. Which I bailed on, due to the garage sales and sitting in hell like temps for 3 days. Man I was just pitiful. So I bailed, and made a kettle of smoked ham and beans, and enough corn muffins for at least 50 people. Not exotic, or fancy. But it got eaten. And it was something I could pull together in like 5 minutes. I was surprised to note ONLY 1 pie. So it appears I will be making pies from now on....because I can make some pie!

The Collective miss Daddy. Oh God how they miss him.

Sir Rowland starts school in less than a month. WOW. And here is the bonus he is ready. I am ready. I am not clinging, kicking and screaming worried sick. I am ready. I think it does help that he will be attending the Church's Academy. But we are ready. Daddy is slotted to take him school shopping when he returns. He will need supplies, and a cool lunch box.

Pink Ninja and I will be alone. Which is frankly scaring me more than Sir Rowland going to school. She is sure to miss her partner in crime. I am looking forward to the 2 of us being able to have alone time. But I am not sure how entertaining she will find me.

I do know, that I my be able to convince her to lie down in the middle of the day. And I am hoping she learns to nap, with her tired Mom.

I have only been going to the gym about 1/3 of my normal schedule. Just because I am beat. I mean really. I am tired. I am done. The 3 month advanced course, which I was prepared for turning into 6 months....sucked.

Sure the traveling offered a reprieve of sorts. My MIL, and Sissy....have helped out. The traveling was a great journey for us to make. It is nice to know I will not go crazy after being puked on, and locked in a car for 9 hours at a time. I RULE. The Collective have grown into little people. I can chat with them, reason with them. And when I cannot, it is off to time out. (More for Mom, than them)

Being a National Guard Spouse is weird stuff. Especially when your DH wears a uniform Monday through Friday. It can be tough living in suburbia. For instance explaining my Husbands absence OVER and OVER to people I have told at least 3 times AGAIN and AGAIN, well it is old. They have no idea what in the heck he is at school for, wondering why he cannot just tell them no. I note when I go to the commissary at the Air Force Base, well there is just something that is understood. People hold doors open for you when you are alone. there are looks. If you are dressed and just came from church, ALONE. It is pretty much guessed your DH is not around. Tired Moms are recognized as tired. Even if it is another wife smiling. I am afraid, I cannot same the same for my suburban Kroger.

So I am admitting here, I am tired. This week I have felt my age. Which I hate to admit. I like to go go go....I like to accomlish things around the house. But I am FRIED.

I am enjoying being brunette again. I look in the mirror, and am happy to go color instead of thinking I look like a mess and need my roots done. is a samll thing, but will do.

I forgot our date with the Dentist this past week. Knew all day we had to go, and lost track of time, until the Dentist office called an hour after appointment time. I also forgot one day at the library. And today I remembered the play down the street was last night. CRAP.

I think that is a sign of early onset of dementia, as my Grandmother had a case of it.


Anonymous said...

*hugs* sweetie. Just reading about what you do every day makes me exhausted, so I can just imagine how you feel.

And your neighbors are idiots.

Megan said...

i drive the 50 mile round trip to the commissary not just for the savings, but for exactly what you just described. if you're alone and harried there, they understand. at my local grocery (two blocks away), they're just not as nice.

and i wouldn't count it as dementia yet. i'm pretty sure most of my brain went with the afterbirth...