Saturday, December 08, 2007

Weigh in

The Omaha shooting at Von Maur department store is still weighing heavily on my mind. It seems as though with most things, there is a 6 degree of separation involved in this....

Also the reminder, that some crazy, alienated teen can kill you while you are shopping, or at the bank, you name it. Anything you may be innocently doing.

With our impending move back to Nebraska, this has made me gasp. I know this can happen anywhere. I am aware, Nebraska is not immune to tradgedy.

I continue to hear stories from folks back home. My SIL's, folks were supposed to be at the mall, but ran into a time crunch, and had to bail out on the mall. that seems to be the case with a few folks I know. I am glad so many people ran out of time that day.

I continue to be saddened at the list of names of victims. It is too long. It is another cowards list. I hate that, for these people who had their time on this planet cut short. It was cut short by an absolute coward....

I am going to ask you to contact KETV, in Omaha and ask them to remove the images of the shooter aiming his gun while inside the mall. I find it very disrespectful, and disturbing. I would certainly hate to have any family see those images and note that it may have been the last thing their loved one saw....

KETV, it is not news, so please remove those horrific images.

KETV website

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the overuse of the pic of the shooter. Not only is it disrespectful, it plays right into his "I'm going to be famous" plan.

I was actually interested in seeing the image because of early confusion over the type of weapon used, so I'm glad it was made available. But to have it shoved up in everyone's face is a bit much.