Friday, December 21, 2007

the goose is getting phat...

Only 3 days until Christmas? Where in the heck does December go?

Yesterday I volunteered to take Sir Rowland's class to the local Long Term Care facility for Christmas caroling, with Pink Ninja in tow. I showed up about an hour early, but everyone was on the bus, loaded and ready to go by the time I go there.

All of the kids were in their Christmas finest, all looked adorable.

Sir Rowland did fantastic, I had some misgivings about the long term care center, because Sir Rowland has not been in one since he was 18 months or so, and I was working PRN in one.

He did great, he gave out plenty of hugs and kisses.

Pink Ninja reminded me of the horror movie starlets. All of these confused, older people wanting to touch her while she stood frozen in her taffeta dress. She wasn't thrilled.

While the kids were singing, one of the ladies was screaming, so we went over and talked with her.....I am still unsure what the conversation was about, but she stopped screaming. Which was good.

Pink Ninja, also refused to sing, she told me, it did not feel like caroling, it felt like a field trip. I suppose she is right.

Both did well considering.

I liked seeing Sir Rowland with his peers. I got a huge kick out of the older kids. 8-14. Half of them stopped me to make sure I was Sir Rowland's Mom, they also made sure to ask me if "I knew how smart he is."

I assured them I did. They seemed more surprised that he had a Mother...

Today is the school Christmas party. The kids get to go in pajamas, they exchange gifts with one another. We had to go out last night, and it was decided the girls would each get water color paints, and the boys play doh. We also had to ge the teachers gifts. They got gift certificates to Sonic. I thought candles might be a good idea, but Sir Rowland, thought candles could potentially start a fire.

Today Pink ninja and I are making bread/cinnamon rolls for the neighbors.

3 days...

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