Sunday, December 23, 2007

Post appocolyptic Hell. AKA Toys R US

Yesterday, DH finished his shopping in the am. I took the afternoon shift....

First stop, Toys R Us. OMG. Can you say Blade Runner, or Mad Max? I seriously felt as though I had walked into some sort of post apocalyptic piece of fiction. Shelves empty, toys on the floor, being walked on, the store was an absolute mess, I have never seen anything like it in my life. Seriously. It was such a mess, I was freaking out walking through.

I left with a 3 items. I seriously, have never seen such a mess. I was reminded of the Super Dome after Katrina. People appeared to be like looters. No joke. I almost took pictures, but left before I hyperventilated. I could not believe my eyes.

Holy Moses, after that mess, I was seriously ready to go home, because I was thinking it was indicative of the day. The good news is I was wrong.

Traffic, was what I expected I sat at a light trying to make a left turn for 4 light changes. I paid very close attention to others, dying in Holiday traffic, well it is not how I want to go.

The rest of the stores were fine, walmart looked normal, in fact it was better stocked than it normally is. I have no idea what was going on at Toys R Us...none.

People are animals...

In good news, i got my shopping done. all of it, in like 3 hours. Including, paper, tape, batteries, and the like. I am done.

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