Thursday, December 13, 2007

The best Christmas gift ever?

With Christmas being right around the corner, I mean right around the corner. I have been thinking.

I have not done any shopping yet. It has to wait until next pay period. Ouch.

We do things as budget permits here at Casa De Dust. Being a SAHM, has put us in a different financial situation than a lot of my peers. One of which, I do not regret, but at Christmas, it makes me a bit weary. Some of those around me understand this, others do not.

However, we have always looked at it with it, as..."I will have plenty of time to work, once they are older, and I could not get the time with them back", and we would have regretted doing it differently. In fact. as many of the regular readers know, the time to go back to work is nearing. As Pink Ninja is asking to attend pre-k, and we could use the money to help us relocate to Nebraska.

So as Christmas approaches, I find myself as the primary juggler of the monthly budget.

The good news is, The Collective are not demanding, I have raised them not to be, they are still young to notice, we are on a budget, they are always thankful and excited.

We try and get them one thing they really WANT, something that they will not put down, something they will enjoy and get plenty of use out of.

For Sir Rowland, his request is simple. Rokenbok. Which is pricey, but frankly for the amount of time he spends building, and building and is worth it in the end. Rokenbok is also a well made toy, that you can build around, and get more enjoyment out of with additional pieces. Rokenbok, has also recently sent out an announcement that states the product is lead free, tested, and safe, and they stand behind the product.

Pink Ninja, will be easy as well this year. She likes art, and drawing, coloring, painting, cutting. Art supplies are easy. She is also the consummate caregiver to all of her animals, and babies she has adopted, so that will be easy as well.

They will also get winter pj's, socks, and long sleeved shirts, and heavier winter pants. Pink Ninja needs 2 nice dresses, and heavy tights for church. None of that will excite them much.

I was thinking this morning about my favorite Christmas gifts as a child.

One was an art set I received from my parents at age 8. I loved getting that. I also recall getting a table and chairs one year, that was a special gift and it lasted forever. I think it may still be in my Fathers possesion. There was also the Christmas I got a pair of tennis shoe skates, My Mom and Dad strung Christmas lights in the uncarpeted room in the basement, and made me my own roller rink. Very cool. I am guessing none of those gifts broke the bank, and I loved getting them.

I am keeping this in mind as I am shopping for my children. A lot of gifts, do not equal enjoyment. Picking out the item that they will remember is the secret.

So I am wondering what your favorite Christmas gifts were as a child?

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Anonymous said...

I dont know you and you do not know me, as a matter of fact this is the first time that I have read your blog. That being said I would like to thank you. I just read this and it really touched me. I fear that I may have been going about Christmas wrong for at least five years. Money has always been tight, especially this year as I have been out of work for 6 months, but I swore that my kids would always "have" on Christmas day. My parents didnt have much money and we got on big gift that meant something. I wanted to give my children everything, what a bad lesson I have been teaching. Quality over quantity any day. Thanks for opening my eyes. Hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday.