Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Surveying the damage

I woke this morning, to The Collective sniffing and coughing...hope it is nothing. We just got healthy.

I then walked out the back door. Does anyone need fresh evergreen? Or a Christmas tree? If so, come on over. I have an approximately 100 foot Christmas tree for you.

In good news, it missed the neighbors house and ours by a few feet either way. That would have been horrible. Funny how it landed. In fact, I couldn't have asked the tree to land in a safer place. The tree is so darn huge, that when it fell, it pulled all of the roots right out of the ground. That is a heavy tree.

I haven't heard a peep from the neighbor yet. She might think it was my tree. Unsure what we should do now. I suppose I should take some photos. We do not have a chainsaw (this has been on the list of crap we need for 17 years...) We are also lucky it only took about 15 feet of fence out.

It landed on my crape myrtle tree, but it appears that only a couple branches broke.

Amazing how it landed. Now if I was crafty I could make enough garland to decorate the entire neighborhood.

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Anonymous said...

Glad all is safe