Saturday, December 01, 2007

It is nice out

It is nice outside right now. I mean nice and warm with a nice breeze. Odd.

DH has been exhausted for the last couple of days, I am afraid he is getting "the ug" from the kids.

So as soon as dinner has ended for the past couple of nights, I have sent him to bed. I do not need another sick person in the house.

I think Sir Rowland is on the mend.

Pink Ninja claims she feels great, but the stream of snot coming out of her nose=sick to me.

It looks like SpouseBuzz Live went well, I did manage to catch some choppy bits of it. A problem with bandwidth is my guess. However the folks at SyncLive are going to put the archive up SOON.

Frankly, what I saw was impressive. Lots of crowd participation as well.

When the archive goes up I will put a link up!

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