Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Small towns...

When Jerry from Back Home Again was here, we were engrossed in a conversation about being from a small town.....

There are some "romantic" things about being from a small town. Everyone knows everyone. But that, can prove to be as irritating as all get out too.

My Sister reads the obituaries, before the front page. She goes to about one viewing a week. And if the cause of death isn't in the paper, well be prepared to hear all sorts of amazing stories about how people died. I have sat at my Father's table and have heard 4 people argue over what the cause of death has been...really.

If you are seen driving anywhere, folks will call and say "Hey Marge saw you driving on the avenue, where were you headed?" "So and so saw you at the bank, what is going on?"

I am serious as a heart attack. All of your business becomes NEWS in a little town. Sometimes folks get bored, and a trip to the bank could mean you are filing bankruptcy, a simple trip to the Dr. can mean a diagnosis of cancer.

The smallness of a town makes everything so insular, that everyone thinks they KNOW EVERYTHING.

I do not miss any of this about being from a small town.

Plus, folks in small towns are like elephants. If you were the high school football star, well that title sticks. If you made any mistakes they stick. Whenever you are seen around town folks will whisper "Hey isn't that so and so, didn't she get drunk that one time"?

You are also perpetually someone's child. When I go back I immediately "So and So's Daughter, Sister. I am never myself. I always feel like I am 15.

Last night I was reminded of this when my Sister called.

My DH and I bought my Father a nice felt hat a few years ago. A Winter hat, it is very nice looking.

Well, my Dad has been wearing it around town, and it has made some sort of local headline news....

My Sister keeps getting phone calls about this hat.

"We thought we saw your Dad, but he had "this" hat on."

"When did your Dad start wearing a hat"

When I go back I might just wear a pirate costume, think of the great stories I can tell.

It is the silliest shit ever....


Tori Lennox said...

ROFL!!! So true!!! And one thing we've learned around here is you don't dare talk bad about anybody because they're all related!!! *g*

pamibe said...

How true! I do get a kick out of thinking about you going back in pirate garb, walking into the local cool hangout with a parrot on your shoulder.
Nobody would ever forget your name... LOL!