Monday, December 17, 2007

On the mend, well half way there.

The red tent is sort of a "lean to" today. Good for me.

I seem to have all sorts of half finished Christmas projects lying about. Can you say pet-peeve.

What is it about Christmas, that turns into a balancing act?

There are Christmas cards half done. I even cheated, and did not do a letter or a hand written note.

Baking-half done, and half eaten.

Thank goodness the tree is actually decorated.

But frankly, I did not go whole hog this year with the house. I did not even put all of the nativity sets up. (There is one in the bathroom, and I am beginning to think, that is just wrong).

The shopping, half done.

And I think I am out of paper and the like.

I did manage to go out this monring, and exchange the Crayola, Crappola Cutter. I let Pink Ninja pick out the replacements. She will be busy today, which is good.

Because laundry, dishes, dusting are all half done.

I swear December could make me crazy

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Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain. I am already posting on another blog about all my grand plans for next Christmas and I still have a couple gifts to buy, a play kitchen to build (hysterical laughter), and ALL the grocery shopping to do. My parents arrive Friday. Yippee. I didn't even DO Christmas cards at all this year.