Saturday, December 01, 2007

SpouseBuzz Live 3 This morning, and yes you can be there!

Well Today is the day, and you can BE THERE, thanks to the folks at synchronicity the LIVE.

Come watch my Synchronicity Live show at 8:30 AM on 12/1/2007

There is a chat room, so log on!

Mission: to connect with other military spouses, normalize the "life" of military spouses in day where many of us are feeling the pressure of so many deployments, and separations. To join all service branches, and male and female spouses to connect, share stories, resources, and information so we can advocate for one another as a United effort.

I cannot attend this live event, because of my Husbands drill schedule, but we have connected with a company that will make it possible for us ALL to virtually attend and connect.

Go to SpouseBuzz for more information. Folks will need to register before the event to virtually attend!

The best thing about the Internet, no more isolation, and support for those that need it.

I am asking for those of you in the blogosphere to help remind people that they can attend this conference virtually.

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