Friday, December 07, 2007

Birthday conversation with my Dad

AWTM: "Happy Birthday"

My Dad: "Thank you"

AWTM: "How old are you today?"

My Dad: "old"

AWTM: "You know 66 is closer to 100, than 65."

My Dad: "I am already living on borrowed time, the way I see it. I was dead once."

AWTM: "You have almost died a couple of times."

My Dad: "Did I tell you about the fox I had in my yard?"

AWTM: "You told me about him yesterday."

My Dad: "See, I am getting old, I can't even remember what I tell people from one day to the next."

AWTM: "If I were there, I would make you a cake."

My Dad: "I want to see my Grandkids."

AWTM: "I sent the Chirstmas picture with Santa, it should be there today."

My Dad: "I wish you were here."

AWTM: "We are trying, we all miss you."

My Dad: "You had better hurry, I don't know how much time I have left."

AWTM: "Well don't die yet, wait until we get there."

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