Sunday, December 09, 2007

Full of joy, and all is right in my World

Tonight I sat watching the Christmas program, and literally shed some tears of joy. I never understood tears of joy, or sadness for that matter. I must be getting soft. Because I cried during other children's singing. I mean, I knew I would cry when I heard my kids. But I was shocked at the tears watching other kids.

I was also surprised to note neither of my kids were shy on stage, not a bit.

The Collective were great. Sir Rowland was actually the best behaved wise man in the bunch. If you do not mind a wise man that puts on a shadow puppet show while delivering frankincense. Pink Ninja made the sweetest sheep, she entered on cue, and took her place the baby Jesus very sweetly. She made a point to tell me that she was the quietest of all of the animals.

A bribe to go to Sonic if they behaved well worked. And it only cost one root beer float, and 1 twisty vanilla cone.

Pictures in the morning...

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