Sunday, December 16, 2007

A post where I discuss "female trouble"

Yea, yea, left click if you do not want to talk about all things period.

First off Sir Rowland, who had to be carried into the Dr. the other day, for the FIRST time evah, is mended. He woke yesterday doing somersaults. No joke. It seems as though his 104.7 temp burned out whatever goblins were ailing him....

Frightening. It really was. sick children freak me out. However, frankly I am more shocked at his freakish immune system that could have him so down, and the next day he is acting normal. I mean WAY normal. That is some freakish biology. If that sort of illness struck an adult....I think it might have us down for a week.

In other mestrual news... I am living on advil, doubled over in pain, and spent half of my morning soaking in a hot bubble bath. I feel like crap. Red Tent is up, yoga pants are on, and I do not want to move. Damn period. If I take any more advil, I could die from overdose. If I piss and moan around any longer, my poor DH is gonna find someone less irritating to marry, or he might suffocate me in my sleep.

I skipped church...

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