Monday, December 31, 2007

2007, AWTM a year in review

2007, a restful one.

I cannot say that much about years gone buy. But I am glad to report, there was little in the way of chaos. Good for us.

Here is a list of my 2006 resoloutions, with commentary.

-make exercise and nutrition a priority for the entire house
*I managed to do a fairly good job of this, until November, when it started getting dark early. Time to take this seriously again, I have worked very hard to be fit and want to stay that way, tis a slippery slope!

-go to church regularly
*DONE. The family managed to find a church we all agreed on, no easy task, and we all love it. We are at Church at least 3 times per week, and enjoy it, we look forward to it. I have learned a lot in Wednesday night Bible study and prayer group. I also have learned, I do not know nearly enough about Christianity. We will miss our Church, and our church family more than anything else when we leave. It has been a blessing.

-go through those piles of crap in the kitchen that drive you CRAZY!
* NOT done, however, with a pending move, it will HAVE to be done.

-photo albums, need to be done
*HA. Not done. I am proud, that I continue to take photos of The Collective very regularly. Ask for nice photo albums for your Birthday.

-projects for spousebuzz, organize them
*Done, and I managed to get Ben Stein (who was a peach) for an interview. This continues to be a group effort, and I am blessed to work with so many tough, gritty and smart women. It has been a great support, and they have inspired. 2008, brings me to work on a PTSD series that I feel is of uber importance.

-become an instillation ambassador for
*I cannot do, because the post/base that is near is not large enough.

-read at least one book per month for pleasure
*this has fallen to the wayside. Mostly because of the amount of reading I do for SB, a lot of military topic books, spouse books. Which are interesting, but I miss my usual reading.

-cook one new and different meal from a new recipe every week
*I actually did fairly good with this for about 6 months, and then fell make into my cook what you know. Cooking about 21 mealas a week at home, can get monotenous.

-clean out closets
*NOT DONE. I managed to get about 1/2 of items sorted. Not nearly enough. A work in progress.

-clean out drawers
*everyone's drawers look great except for mine.

-organize a garage sale for the neighborhood this spring
*DONE. I did not organize one for the neighborhood, but allowed neighbors to bring what they had over. It was a pain, but the kids had fun. I doubt if I will do a garage sale again.

-get children involved in the reading groups at the library
*done. The kids and I continue our love affair with our local library. We love it, and leave weekly with at least 30 books to read. PN is involved in the reading and craft group. DH takes her one night a month to a Father/ Daughter night out.

-the collective will take swim lessons this year
*not done for financial reasons. Both children are in classes, PN is in ballet, and SR is taking gymnastics.

-work on activating my nursing license for 2007
*done. I will be working SOON.

-prepare Sir Rowland socially as much as I can for kindergarten
*done. He has done pretty well this year. Academically he is doing well, socially he has moved mountains, he is caring, and gives more hugs than I have ever seen. He needs to learn about losing.

-make sure all paperwork for a possible looming deployment get done
*no looming deployment in sight. However, our personal paperwork is in shambles, and needs to be straightened out.

-visit family back in Nebraska
*done. All was well

-visit family in North Carolina
*done. All was well

-a family VACATION is in ORDER
*we managed a brief trip to Atlanta with DH while he was at 6 month training, we had a great time. We even got to swim outside on top of a hotel in Atlanta after dark...very cool.

-loose 15 pounds
*ha. Not done, but I have not gained weight. I am healthier than I was at 20. However, I continue to fail at daily excercise, which I have grown to NEED and crave.

-date with Husband one night a month (even if it is a ride on the bike!)
*not done. Mostly for financial reasons. Sitters are expensive. However we do manage to get the kids in bed early, and have alone time with one another nightly. We also broke down and have a Netflix account, which has been great fun. We have at least 2 movie nights per week. We volunteer together Sunday nights at church, which gives us more time to connect with one another. We also have Bible Studay and prayer group together on Wednesday nights.

All in all not to bad.

I need to think about the next year and my goals for myself and my family. I think one of the hardest things to do is balance. And I am sure that will get harder when I get to work.

It will be an interesting 2008 for us!

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