Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dr. Office

I loathe breaking down and taking The Collective to the Dr.

Before taking them, I have to play that game every other Mom plays. "Are they sick enough to warrant a Drs visit?

Is there fever? My children never run a fever. Oh I take that back Sir Rowland has run fever 1 time. I do not run fever. This may sound great, but I do not get it. Even when my own white count was 29,000 I should have had a fever. Nope.

Has said illness ran more than 7 days? 24 hours feels like 7 days, if your kid is whiney enough. So there.

Is mucus green, tenacious?

Is mood affected?

Is the illness affecting the daily activities of your child?

Anywho, that is the list I use when determining a trip to the Dr.

However, if your kid has a sore throat, and is complaining everytime he/she swallows. Ughhh....should you check it out and make sure it is not strept, before the entire family get it?

If it is Friday, and you have a sick child? Well I vote for take them in. If you do not, chances are you could spend Saturdy or Sunday in an ER for up to 8 hours.

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