Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008, and Happy 6th Birthday Sir Rowland.....

Sir Rowland's delivery seems to be shadowed by stressful events, and every year I recall those events, and I seriously think I managed fairly well considering.

6 years ago I was in labor and delivery, puking up my New Years dinner, because of labor pain. I think labor lasted a little over 10 hours.

Sir Rowland's delivery, was pending, and I cannot think of anything as painful. Seriously. I do not think I will forget that.

I ended up asking for some sort of bar that would fit over the bed, so I could just hang on, and let gravity help. I was paralyzed with pain, and could not move, how very "pioneer".

And the moment I saw his little face, even though he was about 22 days early.....I melted. Heck I still do.

I am blessed to have such a curious, and affectionate child.....blessed.

Where does time go?

Thank You to Sir Rowland for making all of the moments funny, sweet, and educational. I seriously have learned more from you than anyone else on the planet, and you have only been here 6 years.....I ought to be a parenting genius by now.

I love you.

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