Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I have no idea what lies ahead for the AWTM house in 2008. None.

We are ready.

DH was ready about 2 years ago, I was not. Our wish list at that time was Tampa/DC.

Funny how things change.

We are both ready to go "back home".

So that is the BIG PROJECT for 2008. We will need new Drs., new schools, a new bank, a new hairstylist. And the list continues.

My 2008 resolutions look much like last years, with additions.

drum roll....

I need to write EVERYTHING down. EVERYTHING. I am not sure when this happened. I have had terrible gradual memory loss.

I need to be better about thank you notes, and other forms of written correspondence.

Otherwise, the list will stay about the same.

There will be a lot on the AWTM plate. I am a little concerned about how I will manage it all. The addition of work, and moving.

I am resolving to ask for help when I need it, take one thing at a time, and delegate tasks. End of story. I do not need to do EVERYTHING ALONE. That is silliness. Oh and I resolve to be cheerful about it.

The people back home, have been nothing but excited and anxious for our arrival back. There is a Grandpa that wants to see his Grandchildren, Aunties and Uncles that miss us, as much as we miss them.

2008 will be all about family, patience, and doing all with a good attitude. I do not want to fall into the exasperated mode, which I am quick to do.

Have a healthy and prosperous 2008, may it be a blessed one for you and yours.

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pamibe said...

Happy 2008 to the AWTM family! Hope this year will be your best ever. :)