Monday, January 07, 2008

Consumerism vs. what I want?

With a move pending, I have had to evaluate, and reevaluate my plans, OUR plans. What our dream is for our family.

We are not unlike the rest of you, we want healthy and well adjusted children that have opportunities.

When we first moved here, we moved here because my DH was offerred a position, but also because we were, "late career bloomers, non traditional college students". We put one another through school, by working full time, and attending school full time, and frankly it took a while. And when we finally graduated. My Husband was the second in his family to have an University education. I did not complete my University education, but ended up with my LPN, and I know more about the Canterbury Tales than any one person ought to.

We moved to Arkansas partially because of the expense 7 years ago. It was not affordable for us to live in Nebraska, and own a lovely home. We looked and looked, but found that Lincoln was VERY competitive for young professionals. So we noted the housing market here in Arknasas, and we have a small home here, but it is indeed lovely and in a growing community. We wanted a house payment that would allow me to stay at home if I wished. Because after waiting 10 years to become pregnant, frankly I wanted to spend as much time with my children as possible.

For the past 5-6 years, (I have lost track) I have been at home. I have enjoyed every single moment.

But I will be honest with you. There are times, when financially this decision is hard, but it is usually when I am not listening to my heart, or when I am being selfish.

This next move has led my brain on a very interesting journey AGAIN.....

DO I want to go back, and do what my peers are doing? Or do I want to live out in the middle of nowhere, and sit on the deck in my robe in the Spring? Do I want to worry about chickens, and if the fence is ok?

What sort of situation, do we want? Or is it just easier to do what the rest of the people are doing?


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