Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Boxcar Children

I read nightly to The Collective, ALWAYS have. 3-4 books, has been the rule.

We go to the library weekly, and I normally leave with a gargantuan bag filled to the brim. I am guessing we count for about 1/8 of the library circulation.

Last week while I was there, I noted The Boxcar Children set. Huh? I have never read them, but recall my nieces falling in love with these books. SO I reluctantly picked up the first book. There are few illustrations, so I was unsure if The Collective would be able to sit through the book. But I went ahead, guessing I could read one chapter a night.

The stories are so wonderfully written that The Collective ages 4 and 6 have been able to sit through 3 chapters at a time. We have one chapter left, in the first book left tonight.

PN woke me the other morning with the book, asking me to read another chapter so she could find out what happened next.

Today is library day, and we have to pick up the next book.

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