Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time to make the donuts

Today I must drop our tax information off at the accountant's office. I forgot yesterday. I seriously knew my errands had run short, and whammo when I returned home, the large envelope was staring at me.

My boday started aching last night. No, not because I am sick.

From the intensity of yoga yesterday.


For those of you who think yoag loks like it is sitting around twisting into pretzel shapes, ouch. You depend so much on gravity and y6ur body fighting gravity. Ouch. My hamstrings are sore, my upper shoulders, deltoids, triceps and biceps. Ouch.

I have neglected myself, it is a good reminder.

the pain. Ouch.

In other moving news, I will be packing more today. I have not got enough done. I need to remember I have a deadline in my future.

I must also remember it is one piece at a time.

What could easily be overwhelming, is not. It is a good time to go through belongings.

Yesterday I went through a plethera of books. I had sold most of my book collection at a garage sale this summer, but still have a ton. I did note I have a large, oversized Andy Warhol coloring book that I bought in college. I looked it up out of curiosity, and it is a collectible now, selling for $150 dollars. Interesting.

Moving tip this week.

go to your local newspaper, and buy end rolls of news print paper. It is CHEAP. $7 will buy you a big roll such a large roll, that it is doubtful you will use it all. If you do not, it will make a good paper resource for children to draw on. it makes excellent packing material for fragile things! It is an inexpensive fix.

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