Friday, January 25, 2008


I have decided to put a sign out front. For Sale By Owner.

It is worth a try I figure.

At least for the next couple of months. It really has been a great home.

So we are going to try our hand at it for a while. We could save the 5-7% the realtors try and charge.

What the heck.

The good new is, the neighbors home is for sale, so we might get some trickle down from them.

It is unfortunate it is winter, because the yard, and trees and flower beds are not in bloom. But who knows.

We cannot buy a home until we sell our home.

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Megan said...

Put your house on craigslist every few days. You need to take some really good photos--those are key. Let me know if you want any help with wording your advertisement, or if you want to know some Realtor tips about "staging". You also need a bunch of forms, which you may have to dig up. Also, if you're willing to pay an agent that represents the buyer, put that in your ad. Then you can pay just 2.5 or 3% rather than 5-7. I would offer 2.5%.

Anyway, I've never practiced real estate in your state, but I do have some general knowledge that might help you move it more quickly.

Ooh! I just had another sneaky snake idea. If there's ever an open house next door, you should schedule one for your house as well. That's when staging will be important, when people are walking through.

OH and you should make a flyer. Especially if you're willing to work with agents on the 2.5% commission if they bring you a buyer, you can distribute the flyers to real estate offices.

Ok, I'll shut up in your comments. Let me know if you want more ideas.