Monday, January 07, 2008

The crud...

I am just going to buy some lysol, and start spraying all of us with it...

For the last 2 or so weeks, Sir Rowland had the crud, the DH, and Pink ninja has the worst of it.

She was running fever last night and this morning, and after motrin her temp was 100. she is leaking snot, loose cough, eyes are glazed, and her adorable nose and mouth look as if I have been wiping her nose with steel wool.

After paying our outrageous co-pay, we left empty handed. Somem sort of virus. AGAIN.

I must be waiting for my turn to get this too, and frankly I do not want it.

I am sick of tissue boxes, and sneezing, and snot.....oh and the cough.

The house is naked, the Epiphany over.

My sister turns 45 today. Holy Crap.

The property we were looking at is not our cup of tea. Which has been a HUGE disappointment. It is in some whackjob developement, where one is unable to DO anything with it. Cannot rent it out as farm/pasture, cannot violate sound restrictions. Which we took as no shooting. 20 acres, and it is Nannied. No thanks.


Back to the drawing board.

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Linda said...

We call what you have in your house "the creeping crud"...because it creeps all around the house and everyone gets it one bit at a time. And yeah, welcome to the "your kid has a cold, we're not giving you a THING for it" world. They will eventually stop giving us ANYTHING for colds.

Might I suggest Triaminic strips? Yeah, you have to pay for them, but they taste good and they work fairly well (for the snotty and coughing part).

Sorry about the property, too....Just keep praying, God will lead you to what you should have!