Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wake me up

I woke this morning hoping for Thursday at least. The week has gone by at a snails pace. It is only Wednesday.

Yoga went fine, I am not sore. I am having trouble with my balance poses. A terrible time. Otherwise all is well. I also took advantage of the early voting yesterday. Done. PN went with. I tried to explain to her the importance of voting again. She has not missed an election yet!! The most disturbing event were the 3 ladies in front of me that had just been dismissed from another exercise class. "uh, like what are we voting on?" Oh boy.

We tried to watch National Treasure AGAIN last night. We fell asleep, again. Only rent if you need sleep.

Terrible wind here yesterday, terrible. We had a 40 degree temp change in 8 hours. Brrrr.

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